Myrl Hensley Hughes

son of Arthur Franklin & Martha Rosella Hensley Hughes
born January 17, 1909
Pocatello, Idaho

married Edna DeEtte Black Kinney

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Gertrude,             Myrl,      Rosella

Myrl (right) & friends on Lava Beds

Myrl graduated from Pocatello High School
Pocatello, Idaho    1927

Myrl served in WWII as a member of the
US Army Air Force

Here, Myrl is serving in the Army transport corps 

Frank, Myrl and friend on one of their exploration trips to the lava beds on the Snake River Plain.

Dogs were an important part of farm life, especially at Igo

<<<<Myrl with Perro

Myrl about 14 years

Myrl & Aunt Mary Hughes

Myrl, Charley & George
Sullivan's Cave