Arthur Franklin & Luther James Hughes

January 31, 1870
Daviess County, Missouri

Twin sons of
John Samuel and Elizabeth Miller Hughes

Arthur married
Martha Rosella Hensley
daughter of William Wallace (Worley)* & Nancy A. Biggerstaff Hensley
born August 9, 1874
Howard, Elk County, Kansas

died January 7, 1941
Pocatello, Idaho

*W.W. Hensley used both Worley and Wallace during his life. He was indentured to an Uncle and ran away. It is believed this is when he began using Wallace. See Hensley Page

Luther married
Mary Jane Hensley
daughter of William Worley (Wallace)* & Nancy A. Biggerstaff Hensley
born March 15, 1872
Howard, Elk County, Kansas

June 14, 1959 
Pocatello, Idaho

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Arthur died    May 29, 1948   Pocatello, Idaho


 Luther died   October 6, 1954     Wendell, Idaho

Arthur Franklin            Luther James


left: Luther James        rear: Martha Rosella Hensley Hughes  right: Arthur Franklin  front: Mary Jane Hensley Hughes

Special thanks to Linnie Poyneer for the repairs to the photo above  

Picture above was taken in Battle Creek, Michigan at the time of Arthur and Rosella's wedding, July 31, 1899

Arthur and Luther were school teachers and Martha and Mary were nurses at the Kellogg Sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI

Martha worked in the hospital and Mary was the Private Nurse for the Kellogg children.

Luther married Mary Jane Hensley at College Place, WA
August 31, 1899

Arthur married Martha Rosella Hensley at Battle Creek, MI
July 31, 1899
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Arthur & Rosela Hughes 1900

Frank, Lillis, Rosela, Myrl, Gertrude, Arthur

Rosella, Arthur & baby Lillis  1900

American Falls Cemetery
American Falls, Idaho

Luther & Mary 50th Anniversary  1949

Frank,           Lillis,         Gertrude,             Myrl

Family of Luther and Mary Hughes

Mary Lauretta                               May 29, 1902
Luther Leroy                                 May 12, 1905
Edna Pauline                               June 11, 1909
Charles Homer                             April 17, 1911
Robert Hensley                            November 6, 1912

Family of Arthur and Rosella Hughes
Lillis                                       October 3, 1900        
Frank Arthur                           October 21, 1905      
  Gertrude                               September 20, 1907   
 Myrl Hensley                          January 17,1909       
Rosalie                           born Sept died Nov. 1915

Rosella, Barbara Fones, Max & Otis Hughes

Otis McCulley,  Lillis Hughes McCulley & Rosella

Above: Arthur & Rosella's first house in Pocatello

Right: Arthur & Rosella's second home in Pocatello
as it is today

Charles ??? & Lillis Hughes

Rosella picking Choke Cherries

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