Florence Martha Hughes

daughter of John Samuel & Elizabeth Miller Hughes
born March 5, 1872
Daviess County, Missouri

 Charles Smull Longacre
son of Henry W. & Elizabeth Smull Longacre
born December 1, 1871
Valley Forge, Pennslyvania

 married July 7, 1899
Battle Creek, Michigan


Florence Martha Hughes Longacre                Charles Smull Longacre

Florence & Charles were married 59 years

Family Bible Study 1918
Charles                    Florence                    Ethel                       Elizabeth Miller Hughes 

The photo that was displayed here has been removed.

I originally thought it was of Ethel and Clarence but Betty Hannum Fisher called it into question and upon further examination I found faint writing on the back that shows the name of the baby to be Marie and I believe it to say 6 months.

The girls name is not legible but it could be Mary and 6 years.


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Ethel 4 yrs      Clarence 2 yrs

Clarence died of pneumonia, three months after this picture was taken

     Ethel Elizabeth     
born April 26, 1902        died            

       Clarence Hughes Longacre 
born May 2, 1904    died August 14, 1906

Ethel      December 1910

Ethel  10 years

Proud grandparents
Ethel's girls
Marguerite Elaine Hannum
Elizabeth "Betty" Marilyn Hannum

Ethel married Harold B. Hannum
May 26, 1924

rear Florence, Ethel Longacre Hannum, Charles
front Betty & Marguerite Hannum

Elizabeth Smull Longacre

Hannah, Charles, David, Mary, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Helen

Henry W. Longacre

<<<Charles Smull Longacre
3 years


Charles (center) with students at South Lancaster Academy, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1908


>>Charles Longacre,  Secretary of the Religious Liberty Department of the General Conference, Seventh-day Adventist Church and Editor of   "Liberty  Magazine" >>>>>>