John Samuel & Elizabeth Miller Hughes

John was the son of William I. and Mahala Rogers Hughes

born: December 18, 1836
Shelby County, Kentucky
died: December 16, 1912
Keene, Texas


Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Nancy Lee Miller

born: October 5, 1830
Shelby County, Kentucky
died: April 14, 1926
Takoma Park, Maryland

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They were married
March 4, 1858
Daviess County, Missouri

John Samuel Hughes

Elizabeth Miller Hughes >>>>>>

When the Civil War broke out, John and Elizabeth both joined the Union Army. She worked as a cook and acted as the banker for the men the outfit. She pinned their money to her petticoats. 
John was wounded in a battle and had to have a metal plate installed in his head.

Their Family

Cassius Boone   
Willard D               
Rosa Alice           
Arthur Franklin      
Luther James     
Florence Martha 
 born July 2, 1859
 born May 4, 1861
 born March 10, 1866
 born January 31, 1870
 born January 31, 1870
 born March 5, 1872
Daviess County, Missouri
Daviess County, Missouri
Daviess County, Missouri
Daviess County, Missouri
Daviess County, Missouri
Daviess County, Missouri

Elizabeth Miller Hughes age 95

A newspaper article was published in Honor of Elizabeth's 95th Birthday. It did not scan well. Here is the text.
Mrs. Hughes Celebrates Ninety-fifth Birthday
Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes, mother of Mrs. C. S. Longacre of 102 Park Ave., Takoma Park, celebrated her ninety-fifth birthday on Monday, the 5th of October. More that sixty of her friends called on that afternoon at an informal reception at her home, and congratulated her upon reaching such an advanced age in life while still enjoying splendid health and keenness of all her mental faculties. Many flowers and gifts of various kinds were presented, making the occasion very enjoyable.
Mrs. Hughes maintains a keen interest in all the responsibilities of home life as well as public affairs. She accompanied her husband who was a soldier in the Union armies during the Civil War. She is a regular reader of the Takoma News, Washington Daily newspapers and magazines. In this way she keeps her mind young.
Mrs. Hughes attributes her splendid health and length of days beyond the allotted time of man to regular hours of retirement at night, to regular meals and healthful living. She has been a vegetarian for more than 50 years, and temperate in all her habits of life. Tea and coffee were tabooed from her dietary more than 50 years ago. A sunny, cheerful disposition, with a philosophic view of life, banishing worry and fear, and cultivating optimism has been another contributing element in her career of longevity.
There is nothing sweeter in life than to grow old gracefully and cheerfully enjoying the full exercise of all the faculties and still maintaining a youthful outlook upon life. All these characteristics are the fortunate lot of Mrs. Hughes at the age of Ninety-five.

Takoma News
Takoma Park, Maryland  

The following is an Obituary, written by Charles Longacre, Husband of Florence M. Hughes
It was read at the funeral of Elizabeth Miller Hughes
According to notes written on a copy by Florence Longacre, the dates and facts came from the Obituary of "Aunt Sarah Rogers"


               Elizabeth M. Hughes was born near Ladoga, Ind., Oct 5, 1830; and died April 14, 1926 at Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., aged 95 years, 6 months and 9 days.

              She was the daughter of James Miller and Nancy Lee Miller. the father was a relative of William Miller and the mother a relative of General Robert E. Lee. She was married to John S. Hughes in June 1858 and six children were born to this happy union, all of whom survive except the oldest son, Prof. C. B. Hughes, who died Aug. 2, 1921, after giving his entire life service to the advancement of the cause of Christian education. Of the surviving children, Willard resides in California, Mrs. Rosa Sloop in Kansas, Luther and Arthur, the twin brothers in Idaho, Mrs. C. S. Longacre in Takoma Park, D. C., and the widow of C. B. Hughes in Loma Linda, Cal.

When the Civil War broke out Mr. Hughes was enlisted in the Missouri cavalry and Mrs. Hughes accompanied her husband and served in the Army Camps. Shortly after the War was ended they both accepted the faith of Seventh-day Adventists under the labors of Elder Chaffee near Hamilton, Missouri, and they both remained faithful to the truth which they dearly loved till death claimed them . Mrs. Hughes has been a widow for 15 years. She has lived a very quiet and simple life. She was an example of patience in suffering and trials, her habits of life were marked with systematic regularity and moderation in all things, her words were few and well chosen, never indulging in the criticism of others.

She had a rich endowment of good nature and of adaptability which enabled her to accommodate herself to the plans and ways of others which always made her a comfort and a blessing instead of a burden.

Her Christian life was one of implicit faith and devotion to the fundamentals of Christian belief. she was a constant reader of the Review and Herald for more than fifty-five years, and rejoiced in sacrificing for the needs of the cause she loved, always gladly responding to every call.

She enjoyed the full use of her faculties both mental and physical to a remarkable degree without any sign of impairment to her last illness, and was conscious to the day of her death . When nearly 90 years of age she visited her children on the Pacific coast without the least sign of exhaustion. She was a devoted mother, who corresponded with her children every week.

When told at the beginning of her attack of pneumonia that her recovery was doubtful, she expressed her resignation to the will of God in her usual calmness. While she desired to live of consistent with God's will, she said she was prepared to depart and was at perfect peace with God and man.

Casket of Elizabeth Miller Hughes

John and Elizabeth wanted their children to receive good a education. They moved to Battle Creek, Michigan and the children attended the Seventh Day Adventist College there.

John & Elizabeth Hughes Family
Back row: Cassius         Willard              Rosa           Arthur   Luther
Front row:    Elizabeth               Florence                 John Samuel                         

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