Sarah Struble Otis


Note: What you read, is the way it was written. Jim Cruth, August, 1997

March the 12, 1888 Canton, Kansas

dear Neice
this moring will under take to answer your very kind and wellcom letter wich
I got two weeks ago     was glad to hear from you and hear you and william
was still aliving     but sorry to hear that your children has gone to try
the realitys of another world unknown to us and sooner or later we will have
to travel the same dark road to death and if we are prepaired to go when god
calls he will guide us saift across the river jordan and I think that wont
be long     I got suden news from
Kewanee ove the death ove Vina Huntington Emmalines oldest daughter      she
was sick only six ours she had bin complaining for a week or two but thought
it was only a cold     she set the table     was eating breakfast and her
and Adelia was talking about the festavil they were getting up for the
Sunday School and Vina was one of the committee     all at once she took a
pain in her stomache     she said     O what a pain I have in my stomache
they done everything for her they could     had three doctors     she only
lived six hours     what a shock it was only to think when they was not
looking for it     but she was a good christian and that is such a comfort
their loss is her eternal gain     I dont feel so bad for myself
for it wont be long till I will have to meet all thats gone before but so
sorry for the family     she had such a nice and good husband    they can
all bear up under it better than her mother could     she is so feable and
she was good and kind to her pa and ma and so sorry for Adelia they two
sistes thought so much of each other althow she will be misst     well you
know how to sympathise with them I need not tell you any more     you asked
about our grandmothers name was grandmother Strubles name was Longcoy
grandfather strubles name was Henry     his childrens name was William
that you know was my father     uncle Peeter was next     uncle Daniel
uncle Richard they called him teather      uncle John     uncle Adam
aunt Katy     aunt Susan     and fat george     you have heard your mother
tell about him     grandmother DeWitts name was Jerusha Price
grandmother Struble name was Elizabeth     your mother was named after her
I belive I have answered all your questions you asked     now I must tell
you about the smallpox we have two cases of small pox in Canton     they
wont let no one get of the cars that has bin from whare the small pox is
they have stopt all the meeting all schools     wont let the children run
the streets     trying to keep it from spreading      I am tolerable well
I hant very strong      Marilla is not very well    she would like to see
you     have a good talk with you once more     I git letters from Sarah
Boyl    Michael Boyl has lost his wife that is Mary Elysman he had two
little boys      give my love to Lucy     Uncle Jack Dalrumpl    now write
soon     I must write to Lucy     let her see this letter     Marilla would
write if she was well     give my love to all   this is from your aunt

Sarah's grave at Canton, Kansas


Elizabeth Ann Otis Serviss
Sarah's daughter

Sarah's family information

Henry Struble  born 1742 in Holland    died 1802 in New Jersey
Elizabeth Longcor  born abt 1742 in Germany   died Sept. 18, 1813 Wantage Twp. Sussex County, N

Their children:

William  (Sarah's father)     born August 1769, died Sept. 19, 1837 in Ohio
Peter H. 
Richard (Teather)
Jacob  (noted as John born 1776, died 1858  married Sarah Rutan
Adam b. 1784 d 1867  married Mary Dean
Catherine (Katie) 
Susannna (Susan) b 1792  d 1884
George (fat George)
Margaret Struble  married Joell Clykendall
Mary Struble    married Manual Coykendall


William Struble b 1769  d 1802
married   Sept 18, 1791 in Sussex County, New Jersey
Catherine Dewitt  b Aug 1773   d July 20, 1849   Chesterville, Knox County, Ohio

Their Children:


Elizabeth  b July 6, 1792
John William  b April 4, 1794
Catherine  b Feb 22, 1797
Emily  b Sept 27, 1798
Margaret  b March 31, 1800
Ann   b  Oct 18, 1802
Sarah   b March 7, 1804   d Nov 14, 1894
William J.  b March 8, 1806
Lucy  b Aug 15, 1808
Jesse  b Feb 14, 1811
Susan W  b Sept 10, 1813
Maria  b Feb 13, 1816


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