Yancey Dodsworth "YD" Black

son of Thomas Owen & Cora Edna Otis Black  

born March 30, 1900
Nebraska City, Nebraska

died October 20, 1971
LaVerkin, Utah


1st Marriage-Alice Eunice  Kelsey
daughter of John & Mary Moffett Kelsey

born September 12, 1903
Moscow, Idaho

died October 2, 1961
Langley, Island County, Washington


2nd  Marriage-Alta Anna Johnson
married January 24, 1933
Pocatello, Idaho

born June 2, 1906
Basalt, Idaho

died October 12, 1981
Blackfoot, Idaho


Yancey was known as "YD" during his service with the Pocatello, Idaho Police Department where he served as Identification Officer.
He retired June 1, 1962

Yancey 8 months

Yancey age 2

Yancey Dodsworth Black 1905
Nebraska City, Nebraska

Corporal Black 1918

Yancey joined the Army on May 18, 1917 and reenlisted on April 19, 1919, with his final discharge being April 14, 1934

Signalman Y.D. Black

Yancey about the time of his discharge from Army

Alice Eunice Kelsey

Alice and Jimie Dodsworth Black
Born April 12, 1922
Died March 9, 1924

The grave stone at Mountain View Cemetery
in Pocatello, Idaho shows his name as Jammie.

The birth announcement shows Jimie

Alice and Yancey's first baby was a girl who only lived from January 31 to June 13, 1921

She is buried in the same plot as her brother and share the same headstone

Mary Eunice Black
January 31-June 13, 1921

Mountain View Cemetery
Pocatello, Idaho

Yancey & Lloyd
Yancey and Alice adopted Lloyd after the two babies died. Yancey refused to have anything to do with Lloyd. Yancey and Alice divorced, she took her maiden name of Kesley and Lloyd used it also

Rodeo time

Alta & Yancey on a visit to Cora & TO's in Hawthorne California, 1948

Yancey & Alta Wedding picture

After retirement, Yancey was a guard at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair  (Note the name)