Thayer Otis Black

son of Thomas Owen and Cora Edna Otis Black     

born November 30, 1903
Nebraska City, Nebraska

December 12, 1961
Seattle, Washington

married Juliet Lott 
August 31, 1936
Lehi, Utah

Student at University of Idaho

Newspaper editor, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Atlanta, Butte, Memphis, Seattle & Pocatello Tribune

Thayer joined the Marines at 14 years of age and served in World War 1 and in 1942 joined the Army Air Corps as a fighter pilot. He served in Africa, Sicily, England flying C-47 aircraft in a Transport Squadron as a Squadron Commander

Lieutenant T. O. Black - 1942

Thayer,  DeEtte     Yancey
Nanaimo, BC 1910

1904      Thayer 1yr             Yancey 4yrs   

Thayer lied about his age and was only  joined the Marines in 1918

Farewell reception in Philippines 1961
Thayer was Veteran's Administration Director of Field Services for VA Information Service in

Thayer & Juliet 1961

Press Pass for 77th Congress
Washington Times-Herald
Congressional Session 1941-1943

U. S. Army Air Corps
Major T.O. Black
44th Troop Carrier Squadron
316th Troop Carrier Group

Idaho Technical Institute Student 1925

Thayer working for the Union Pacific Rail Road

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