Rosella and her sister Mary attended the Battle Creek Sanitarium Training School for Missionary Nurses

Classes included: Bible, Missionary Methods, Physiology, Hygine, Cookery, Practical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Diseases of Children, Midwifery, Bandaging, Electrotherapy, & Massage

The training took place from November 1, 1893 and November 2, 1896

The Diploma was not signed by Dr. Kellogg until 1897 because, it is said, he did not want them to leave

They stayed working at the Sanitarium and for Dr. Kellogg until 1899 when Ellen G. White, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and Dr. Kellogg had a disagreement.

Sister White, as she was called, declared that there were too many Adventist at Battle Creek and they should "spread out,  populate the country and spread the Gospel."

Please excuse the quality of the picture, I will attempt to place a full diploma here soon.

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