I have received several complaints that I have put info in this calendar that could be used for identity theft.

I have therefore removed the links to the pages.

If you are worried about identity theft, I would advise that you do not have any personal information in your computer when you are working on line, if fact, you probably have no business being on a computer at all. 

Many companies and some major ISP's have crawlers which record everything you have in your computer and store it in their data bases. These storage sites, although said to be secure, are accessible to anyone with basic computer knowledge. If you are on line, your informaton has already been taken... again, should you even be on line... people could steal your ID...

I am sorry that I had to remove these pages but paranoia is a mighty thing.

If you do want to view the pages, please email me and I will provide a link

If you have requested that your information be removed, I have removed and deleted it and you from any data base


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