Purchased April, 1968

By Frank and Arlene Hughes



ninety eight

holiday coupe


Dealer-Park Price Oldsmobile

Pocatello, Idaho

Salesman - Stan Hovorka

In April of 1968, Frank and Arlene Hughes took delivery of

a 1968 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday Coupe.


Base Price                       $4,368.00

Destination charge             199.95
Factory options                1,316.50
Total                                 $ 5,876.45

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Window Sticker


It was ordered with White Vinyl interior and was delivered

with Chrome Beauty Rings and 66 Toronado type hubcaps because, according to the story,  Arlene saw them on the salesman's car and wanted them.

When told that they were not available on that car, she said "Put them on it or I'll go buy a Ford!" 

She got the hubcaps.

Front disc brakes and 15" wheels were an option on
this model for 1968.

However, the hubcaps are not shown on the window sticker as being part of the package, only the trim rings are listed. ?????? Did she get Stan Hovorka's hubcaps?


Another interesting fact:

When Park Price saw the 98 Holiday Coupe, he ordered one for himself.

Both cars are still on the road.




Total Production     15,319

Wheel Base     126 inches Engine 455  Horse Power 365




Left Rear View      


Right Front View  


Right Side View    



Left Side View   

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